Getting out of a toxic relationship can be a best achievement a person could have.


Of course toxic people have their good sides and are poor as well cause it's not easy to live that way but they themselves choose to live like that. However, that doesn't mean they have the right to pull others to their lives with full of sh*t, and absolutely nonstop - they still generate more sh*t day by day by their own thoughts or actions and by other toxic relationships around them.





Normally, the negative energy is stronger a lot than positive energy due the the fact that negative thinking is natural but positive one needs a lot of effort to maintain. Moreover, the point is toxic people don't want to change, therefore, nothing can save them.


And if we can't save them, we shouldn't let them pull us down in the relationship with them. At least, we could save ourselves and that's a lot already!


For the negative people, the easiest method is staying far away from them. The more the distance is, the more they couldn't influence us pessimistically.


Yeah they may lose some good relationships in terms of friends, lovers, colleagues, or close people who really care about them and make their lives better, but at that time, with that situation, there is no other ways which are better for all sides.


Like: Run! Run for your life, as fast as you can!


Keidi, from Keidi Horoscopes


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